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ACCESS TO CARE THAT MATCHES YOUR NEEDS Adult Day Services and Medicare offer choices to Tennessee se

When you think of innovative and disruptive industries, you probably envision Silicon Valley startups … not Adult Day Services or the federal Medicare program. But with 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, these are exactly the services and programs that are driving health care innovation and choice for millions of Americans and nearly 1 million Tennesseans.


Tennessee’s 40+ Adult Day Service (ADS) and Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) centers offer safe, flexible and affordable care options for aging adults including everything from physical, social, and cognitive activities, to meals, to help with medication administration and health management in an independent, casual atmosphere. Of course, ADS/ADHC’s biggest benefit is that, at the end of the day, everyone (even our staff!) goes home to family and their own bed.

As baby boomers continue to retire in record numbers and expect health care services tailored to their needs (and budgets), the demand for options like ADS and ADHC will only grow … and Medicare plan providers are taking note.

Some Medicare Advantage plans offered by providers such as Aetna and Amerigroup, and FIDE-SNP plans with United Healthcare will include ADS/ADHC in 2019 plans. In 2020, ADS/ADHC coverage in Medicare will continue to expand. We’re confident that, as more and more providers recognize the high value and flexibility that ADS/ADHC provides, this trend will only continue.


Medicare’s continued beneficiary-centric evolution should not come as a surprise. While the program is more than 50 years old, it was only about 10 years ago that it introduced Medicare Part D, the program’s highly successful prescription drug benefit.

According to Medicare Today, 83 percent of Medicare Part D beneficiaries said it was important to have a variety of plans to compare and choose from. That ability to compare and choose is working: 81 percent of beneficiaries believe their plan is a good value, and 91 percent report their plan is convenient to use.


ADS offers access, options and independence when it comes to caring for aging Americans. When our elected officials are making decisions about the future of programs like Medicare, it is helpful for them to hear that you support these values as well.

Click here to find your U.S. representative, and click here to find your U.S. senator. Send them a quick note to remind them that Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers need continued access to flexible, competitive care that protects their independence.

Click here for more information about how you can help, to join the Tennessee Association of Adult Day Services (TAADS) or to find ADS/ADHC centers near you.

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